Seth Caldwell and Mercedes Mintz grew up in the same little town of Chesnee, SC. They lived just five miles from each other for most of their childhood, but it wasn’t until they were fifteen and seventeen years old that they meet at a birthday party. Seth and Mercedes began dating soon after their initial meeting, you can say it was love it first sight. They dated for over six years and realized they were happiest together. Mercedes says, “Before they knew it, life was flying by and high school sweethearts had led to Seth asking me to marry him”. Seth and Mercedes got engaged in the Bahamas on May 1, 2016.

Mercedes had just finished a week of final exams when Seth picked her up in Clemson, SC. The two of them headed down to Florida for what she thought was just a celebratory weekend cruise because she had finished another semester of nursing school. Which If you didn’t know is extremely hard. What Mercedes didn’t know is that he had planned this amazing trip to propose to her on a beautiful private island in the Bahamas. Mercedes says this was one of the happiest moments of their lives.

Seth and Mercedes spent a year and two months planning they dream wedding at the Glassy Mountain Chapel in Landrum, South Carolina. On July 22, 2017, they became Mr. and Mrs. Seth Caldwell. They said their vows and Seth kissed his beautiful bride in the pretty little chapel on top of a mountain. Seth and Mercedes along with their wedding party and guest then celebrated by dancing the night away with family and friends. Mercedes and Seth say their wedding day was a dream come true!

Congratulations, Seth & Mercedes Caldwell.

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